Research and Development


BI-AX International Inc. is a Canadian owned manufacturer of a wide range of Biaxially Oriented Films and Sheet.We are dedicated to creating the finest quality of film and sheet.BI-AX Internationalís team of specialists offer know-how and expertise on both mono and bi-ax developments of many other materials for specialty and joint research projects.

With many years experience, and many commercial successes with major North American and European companies, BI-AX offers a wide range of services from initial trials through the preliminary production runs; including full commercial production on contract basis.

BI-AX International Inc. specializes for hire, pilot line facility for polymer testing, film development, and commercialisation of new oriented films.
























We specialize in developing a process for your product that will allow it to be manufactured on a large scale at the lowest possible cost. On most projects we work with your research and development people to move the project along very quickly. Confidentiality is considered of the utmost importance.


Bi-Ax has manufacturing capacity to toll manufacture your product for you if you choose not to make the capital investment in your own processing equipment.










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